A New Form of Social Interaction


The 21st century has brought with it many new gadgets and technologies that have revolutionised the way humans are communicating.  People from opposite sides of the world are now able to interact with ease.

However, how is this effecting the social interactions that occur in our day to day lives. Since the creation of new media and gadgets people are less frequently making eye contact or engaging in face to face conversations. “I’ve started to notice more and more the number of times you walk down the street and all you see are people, head down, smartphone in hand”.  No longer do people jump on public transport and start up a conversation with the person next to them.

Click Here -> Smart Phones Effect on Society

In fact, even when at home many people are sitting with the eyes directed at their television, computer or phone screens rather then communicating with the family members that are at home. we even hear stories of people who live the majority of their lives online. opting to live this way, creating their own online persona, rather than communicate with people in the ‘real world’ as it is much harder.

 Surely this depletion of social interaction      will effect the human race in the long run. It is bound to influence and change how people grow, mature and learn how to form relationships with other people.

Of course these new gadgets and technologies are providing us with countless benefits and opportunities to reach out to those across the globe. but they are undoubtedly taking away from the formation of natural relationships and negatively effect our interactions with other members of society. “It’s important to note that, effectively, every major idea in technology that has changed the course of our civilisation. (Ferran)”


Are Smartphones Killing Conversation?http://www.squidoo.com/smart-phones-ruin-society

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  1. Great post! Your post really inspired me. The things you are talking about that really occur in our daily life. People are avoiding the eye contact. We start talking with friends on facebook. And we all know that texting is getting more popular than face-to-face conversation. Some people even find their friends on facebook. Your post has given us a lot of good examples of the changes in our society. And the link you put in the middle of your post is really worth to read. The things you mentioned happen in our everyday life, but we never thought about it.

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