The Americanisation of the World….

The Americanisation of the world


The United States economy, television, music, movies and just about everything else is an ever-present force in the world around us. You only have to turn on your television or go down the street to notice the impacts American media has had on our country. We are being constantly bombarded with American music and T.V, we eat at their food chains,  buy their brands and products and have even taken on a more american way of speaking.


This Americanisation of the world is seen by many as a dangerous downfall in to some serious degradation of cultures. People are worried, and rightly so, that countries are losing some of their national culture and a global culture, which is of the western influence, is overtaking.


However, as a country that was founded on the beliefs and ways of a different country, who are we to

judge? “Australian culture has always been  influenced by imported cultural products, and indeed has been largely built on selective adoption of overseas cultural practices “(pg50). So how is this any different?




A.Guild,The Americanisation of Australian Culture, Discussing the cultural influence of the USA upon our nation’s way of life,

J.Pickering, pg 51, Globalisation: A Threat to Australian Culture?,

  1. An apposite blog entry addressing an issue I personally find to be a hastened global problem. We do indeed consume American products, culture, and even incorporate their parlance into our vernacular. It is quite troubling to imagine a world entirely painted with an American brush. I enjoyed the inclusion of imagery. Well done, Honor, on an interesting blog entry.

  2. gserpell said:

    Yeah.. This is a good one. I like that picture up the top. Good references and you raise good points and valid points we consume American culture and McDonaldisation culture so easily and mostly without thinking about it. I like your writing and your references are really good. Nice post.

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