The Olympics – A Globalising Force?


If the Melbourne Cup is seen as the race that stops the nation then I think it would be fair to say that the Olympics Games is the event that stops the world. We would be kidding ourselves to try and deny the power of the Olympic Games and the unparalleled reach it has to countries all over the world.


It would be hard to deny that during the Olympic Games, nations and their people are brought together in a way that may rival even times of international crisis. People travel, interact and learn about different people and cultures more than in any other sporting event in history.


However on the other hand, like any competitive sport, it has the ability to promote segregation and extreme patriotism that may in fact have more negative effects than one would think.

“Participation in the olympic games binds increasing numbers of nations to a status hierarchy” (Thossaloniki).


Regardless of both these factors the olympics an grab the attention of any man or woman, interested in sports or not.   Some people may be opposed to its glorification of competitiveness and in some cases arrogance. Or all for its showcasing of a nations talents. One thing is for sure and thats is its ability to polarise the globe like no other event in history. It is one of, if not, the most globalising force i have yet to come across.


References :

Thossaloniki, 2004, pre olympic congress – – Olympics

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