Making Culture?

I find the act of ‘making culture’ a particularly hard thing to discuss as i see it as an almost entirely unconscious an unintended  consequence of what are seemingly impromptu actions. The only example that comes to mind is  my passion for music and cinema. I would be lying if i said i didn’t enjoy Australian music and made a concerted effort to go and see good Australian films.

However, I don’t believe the fact that i play Triple j exclusively in the car is due to myself consciously trying to support or promote Australian music or culture. In fact I just enjoy the songs that are played. I do go and see many Australian  films but that doesn’t mean that i would go and see them if i thought they may be bad just to be patriotic. I usually just do what Margaret and David tell me too.

Unfortunately, I’d feel false if i said i actively ‘made (or intended to make) culture.’ I believe culture is what happens when people go about there daily business and act however is most comfortable to them. Therefore it  consequently stems from the norms and habits of the majority of people in that society.  Well, at least thats my view, or perhaps I’m just pathetically naive and don’t even notice the effects of my own actions……that could be it.

  1. Honor this is an interesting blog but it could be so much better if you supported your thoughts and opinions with references (readings etc). You make a very good point about what creates a society and I agree with you that I don’t think we listen or watch Australian music/films to be patriotic primarily (but it does help that it can often be a secondary incentive). Maybe think about incorporating some pictures and references in to future posts (like you have in the past) as this will help to make a good blog, GREAT! Keep up the good work though!

  2. gserpell said:

    I like the thoughts you have included here and I do agree that it is easy to be a part of a culture without realising, if that is in fact what you are saying… I don’t think it is naivety I agree. A culture is what you make it.
    I guess that there are sources out there that would back up your argument also. Would have been great to see some.
    Good job anyway and nice writing.

  3. This is a commendable post, you have zoned in on the concept of culture and have teased out the key arguement about it accoording to your own experience. You question what is culture and explain it throughout your experience of listening to FM channel on radio and watching Australian movies. Indeed, we should not limit the definition of “culture” but instead, we should widen the idea of what culture entails. Culture stands for every espects of our life, it is about our habits, our lifestyles, our choice of the kinds of food, music, tv/radio channel, movies, our taste of fashion and our opinion of the news events. As a young Australian, you are enjoying listening to Triple J for sure, Triple J is very popular among young people because it is designed to aim to young audiences. It offers the kinds of musci most young Australian like, therefore it reflects the culture of young Australian. So, the media actually provide what you like for you through the media products. According to the of Triple J, the culture of Triple is not the culture of the radio station, but the culture of you audiences. You enjoy it because you can see your own life through it. Do not feel that you are not aware to contribute to your culture identity, the way you are listening to Triple J and watching Australian is also one aspect of your culture!


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